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How to reach Sicily by Plane?

Sicily is served by six airports, two of which are international. Sicilian airports are connected by direct flights to and from the major Italian and European cities, and also serve as a stopover for flights arriving from airports places around the Mediterranean.

The main airports are Catania Fontanarossa (Vincenzo Bellini) and Palermo Punta Raisi (Falcone and Borsellino). Then there is the airport of Trapani Birgi (Vincenzo Florio), a significant growth area, performing daily with a large number of companies, flights for Italian and European cities; the Lampedusa and Pantelleria airports with direct flights with major cities to and from the peninsula. Finally the Comiso airport in the south-east of the island. 

Airlines that reach the Sicilian airports:  

ALITALIA - AIR ONE - Catania and Palermo flights with departures from major Italian airports;

MERIDIAN call center Italy 89 29 28 Catania flights from Bologna, Florence, Lampedusa, Malta, Milan Linate, Rome Fiumicino, Turin, Venice and Verona; Palermo flights departing from Bologna airport, Cagliari, Lampedusa, Milan Linate, Pantelleria, Rome Fiumicino, Venice, Verona; Trapani flights from Pantelleria.

WIND JET call center 89 20 20 Italy Catania flights departing from Forlì, Milan (all), Olbia, Parma, Pisa, Rome Fiumicino, Turin, Venice, Verona Palermo flights departing from Forlì, Milan (all), Olbia, Parma, Pisa, Rome Fiumicino, Turin, Venice, Verona

EASYJET Catania flights from Milan Malpensa; Palermo flights from Milan Malpensa, Rome Fiumicino.

BLU-EXPRESS call center 199 419777 Italy Catania and Palermo flights from Rome Fiumicino Airport; Pantelleria flights from Rome Fiumicino and Milan Malpensa; Lampedusa flights from Rome Fiumicino and Turin.

RYANAIR call center 899 018 880 Italy Palermo flights from Milan (Bergamo), Pisa; Trapani flights from Ancona, Bari, Bologna, Brindisi, Cagliari, Genoa, Milan (Bergamo), Pisa, Rome (Ciampino), Turin, Trieste, Venice-Treviso.


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