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Etna wines are renowned for their thoroughly unique and distinctive style due to good curing skills, right ageing together with a mix of favorable climate conditions and volcanic soils rich in mineral properties.

Have you ever pictured yourself set overlooking a breathetaking view while tasting an extensive range of wines guided by an experienced staff who offers a personalized and relaxing wine tasting experience like no other?

A wine tasting in Gambino winery is a must for anyone who appreciates the finest things in life. Write us to discover more and book it with us!

The menu is based on season but some of the delicious bites you can experience a selection of Sicilian cheeses and local cured meats.

 “The Gambino Vineyards is dedicated to producing remarkable wines, which capture the flavours and the spirit of the Etna region. From growing grapes to fermenting the juice and bottling the wine, the Gambino family produces every bottle with the same love and care the winery was founded on. Gambino wine brings together family, flavor and fun for an unforgettable experience.”  - Wanderlust Wines.

If you are looking for some fun and exciting wine the Gambino winery certainly is up to it.

SunTripSicily tip: don’t miss the cellar tour. The cellar of  Gambino winery is 10 meters underground! Discover why with the experienced staff!

Write us to find out more details about the wine tasting options and book your wine tasting at Gambino winery with us!

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